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5° - E 12 m/sec

+354 565 9092


The fellowship of Odd Fellow bought the land in early forties. They founded a private golf club in 1990 and in the following 7 years the Odd Fellow Golf Club (GOF) built a magnificent 18 hole golf course, covering an area of 162 acres. In 1993 the Oddur Golf Club (GO) – an open golf club – was established and became forthwith a member of the Golf Association of Iceland (GSÍ). It´s foundation was of two reasons, firstly to enable the members of GOF to participate on golf tournaments on national basis, and secondly to give all people interested in playing golf access to this unique golf course.

The course was opened August 1997 and is now considered one of the finest golf courses in Iceland located in beautiful surroundings in the immediate vicinity of the greater area of Urridavatnsdalir, within about 20 minutes driving distance from the centre of Reykjavik.

Oddur Golfcourse was a proud host of the ELATC homepage of the tournament